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Save Our Suffrage or S.O.S., a social welfare organization headquartered in Denver, Colorado, was formed as a  tax-exempt organization exclusively for charitable and educational purposes. SOS was created to uphold the rights of voters across the country as we educate, enlighten, and inform the People about their right to have their voices heard and their votes counted and to advocate to preserve the integrity of our natural, essential, and unalienable right to vote. 

The Systemic Hazards Facing Mordern Elections:

  • Digital Tabulation
  • E-Voting
  • Online Registration
  • Private Election Financing
  • Chain of Custody
  • Voter Verification

Action brought by SOS is supported exclusively by gifts from the People to understand the importance of defending the election process and our sacred right to suffrage.

Why now?

In a world of rapid technological advancement too often the question too often asked is “Can we do this?” rather than “Should we do this?”. One of the great tests for any civilization with the development of technology is the accurate determination of when technology should not be used. Humanity has learned at great cost that the technologies of chemical, biological, and nuclear warfare should not be put into use even though we have the capability to do so. Likewise, the influence and involvement of technology in our society’s sacred and solemn ritual of elections is an inappropriate application and more likely to be taken advantage of for malicious purposes than not. While we are intelligent enough to be able to create advanced digital technology we must also strive to be wise enough to know when not to use it. Our technology may enable us to reach the moon and beyond but becomes useless when applied to our elections, a process, unlike rocketry, where only one opportunity for success is afforded and correct operation is the exception rather than the rule. S.O.S. exists to resist the involvement of big tech in our elections by eliminating the present use of electronic devices and big tech money wherever found in our elections and preventing their adoption and inclusion everywhere else.

Inception of S.O.S.

Since its formation, S.O.S. is best known for its achievements in exposing the influence of big tech in US elections including big tech’s financial, operational, and educational manipulations of our sacred voting process. S.O.S. has educated and informed the public through its signature civil rights lawsuit Dominion Class Action (DominionClassAction.com). Originally filed in the Federal District Court of Colorado, this ongoing federal lawsuit, now being prepared for appeal in the SCOTUS, is dedicated to uniting those People who are registered voters in our country into a class of similarly situated persons with claims for the violations of their civil rights in the election process. This action was brought by constitutional and civil rights attorneys in Colorado who represent, on contingency, a class of 8 plaintiffs whose voting rights have been damaged in a past election. The filing of this lawsuit created the need for the supporting nonprofit organization S.O.S. to be formed in April of 2021 by plaintiffs and supporters of the lawsuit. The advancement of this civil action through the federal courts to the supreme court has also had the effect of educating the public about their rights and how to enforce them should they be burdened or violated. S.O.S. initiated and produces Podcast and video content and maintains an email list of over 5000 contacts in order to effectively educate the People about their rights and the legal action being taken in their defense. S.O.S. has been entirely funded by donations from the public averaging less than $50 each.

Dominion Class Action is the first national action to confront the ongoing violation of the People’s sovereign right to suffrage

Marching forward

Predictably, the damage to the People’s right to vote is sustained and has been ongoing in each election in recent history and is likely to continue for upcoming elections as well. Those in power have yet to understand our demand to cease treading on the voting rights of the People. The 2022 Colorado primary elections have provided additional opportunities for the service of our primary function in the legal defense of the People’s civil rights. Similar legal action to Dominion Class Action is being prepared for filing in state and federal courts. For this purpose, S.O.S. organized the Colorado Recount Coalition (ColoradoRecount.com) and, as permitted in the function of a 501(c)4, endorsed candidates for office in Colorado who were actively challenging the use of technology in their recent primary elections. Having collected all the facts surrounding the recent election and recount initiated by these candidates, S.O.S. is preparing to file civil actions against those who have violated their rights in state and federal courts. This initiative is the second but, again, unfortunately, far from the last such instance of the violation of the People’s right to vote and to be fairly elected to public office. The violations of the constitution are ongoing and S.O.S. will be vigilant to vindicate the voting rights of the People whenever and wherever government actors seek to oppress them.

The right to have one’s vote treated fairly and equally is the key right upon which all other rights depend. The Founders and Leaders of S.O.S. understand that only by advocating for and defending the rights of the People to hold elections free from the influences of big tech and other special interests, can the Sovereignty of the People be wholly and peacefully restored.

The websites managed by S.O.S., www.DominionClassAction.com, www.ColoradoRecount.com, www.TheFielderPrinciple.com, and this site www.SOS.vote, demonstrate the alignment with the guidelines of a social welfare tax-exempt organization to advance education and fulfill our tax-exempt purposes through free public discussion groups, forums, panels, lectures, or similar programs. S.O.S.’s advocacy in support of the People’s voting rights by filing lawsuits with no required upfront fees to the People demonstrates the charitable commitment to support the disenfranchised and empower those in need as outlined in the following IRS tax-exempt sections 1.501(c)(4)

S.O.S. Team

Ernest Walker

Ernest Walker

Legal Counsel
Gary Fielder

Gary Fielder

Legal Counsel
Jim Wiley

Jim Wiley

Executive Director